Unlock the Super Saiyan Blue in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

A free update arrives with Extra Pack 2, and we show you the steps to have the Super Saiyan Blue in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. The most powerful transformation?
Finally our character can be Super Saiyan Blue in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 . A transformation that people had and has a lot of desire, but you have to do several things to have it.

The steps to follow are not complicated, but it may take a while. If you already have a game of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 completed a day, that is, you have been playing since the game’s launch, you will have the middle way done.

The assistant of Bills, God of the Destruction of the Universe 7, is in charge of giving us the transformation in Super Saiyan Blue . For that we will have to make “buddies” of him.

The first thing is to go to Son Goku’s grandfather’s house . In front of the typical Dragon Ball fish is Whis. The first thing is to make Whis be our teacher and complete his four lessons. Done the above, we equip ourselves with the techniques we have learned . Also, to make your friendship grow more quickly, we put on the Bills suit .

To increase your level of cronyism, we will have to complete missions with his techniques and the Bills suit. Every time we finish a mission go to the Orange Institute. There you will see Whis. Talk to him and then choose the “Let’s Talk” option. Each time Whis will tell us a little bit and give us objects. You can see options on the menu as the friendship bar goes up.

In total you have to do six or seven missions , if possible secondary (parallel). These parallel missions can be perfectly nº4, nº7 and nº19. Why these missions? Well, because you can face patrollers of time and have the luck to take a Dragon Ball.

Once you have the friendship bar at the top, it will appear on the map that Whiss has something for you. Go quickly to see him and he will give you the Super Saiyan Blue and the dual Symphonic Destruction skill .

One of the requirements of Whis, to learn the Super Saiyan Blue, is to have our character in level 90. It is a real bluff to reach level 90. For example, I have achieved it based on playing from the beginning. To all the history (including the DLC), all the secondary missions and expert missions. I have also farmed experience with a little trick.

But since the last update, reaching level 90, even getting over it, is easy. We only need zenis (game currency) or TP points.

The zeni and TP points are achieved by passing missions, missions and more missions. Even by playing several days in a row, the video game rewards us with money and TP.

What you have to do is play a lot and have it all completed. Also be careful when buying equipment and objects. The ideal is to reserve the TP points for the last levels . Starting at level 90 it is a real madness to level up. They ask us for many millions of experience, and to grow all the time the parallel mission # 92 with the Super Soul of the God Kaiyoshin of the South (that of “40 tons!”) Becomes very boring.

To level up, visit the next namekiano you see in the video. At each level you will ask for a sum of money. Starting at level 80, you will start asking for TP points. And beware when you get to level 90, then ask for each level 40TP, 60 and end 80. Remember that to increase your power you have to visit the Namekian boss guarded by Nail and Dende.


Source : Guiltybit