Tips That Will Work for Google SERP Restoration

If you are penalized by Google and going to close your website, stop! There is a way to save it of this hurricane and use it for your business marketing like you were doing yesterday. It is sure that it will demand some hard work but considering the longer use and output, it is better that you stick to this one rather that creating a new website then spending day and nights for development and then promotion to make it stand at the top in Google SERP. In unison, the restoration of SERP for the previous website is far more beneficial than investing for new one and bringing it up from the roots. Here is how to do this!

Before knowing the ways to get it restore it to the previous state and reputation, it is important to find out reason behind this temporary penalty. These are most common situations (sometimes silly mistakes!) that make your website to fall down. There is nothing to worry about as I’m not going to use no panda, penguin or tiger at all, instead I will emphasis on the misdeeds and faults and how to overcome them.

Here is the list of common tricks that were main cause of your penalization:

1. Optimization of anchor text

You generally think that use of anchor text will increase your website traffic; it is true but to a certain extent. If too many people use of this “anchor text” you are interested for popularizing, then you will lose your rankings.

What to do? Removal of links!

If you built these anchor text links using legitimate websites without paying for it, you not need to remove these links. But if anchor text optimization is done with the help of spammy and irrelevant websites, try to approach their webmasters to remove such links.

If good and legitimate links are produced by you, then you better keep them intact. In place, try to build more and more non anchor text links from authentic sites. Some of the usable variations are hereunder:

– <yourdomain>.com

– <yourdomain>

– Title tag text

– <click here>

– www.<yourdomain>.com

Try to create more variations that are not suspicious and use them in rotation after certain intervals.

2. Spammy links

Days are gone when spammy links built were popularized overnight with steep ranking. You need to remove all such links pointing to your websites.

Spammy links are the links from:

a) Link farming sites

b) Sites containing duplicate content and low quality content

c) Sites linking to alcohol, drugs or even pornographic content

d) Sites banned or penalized by search engines

If there are some sites that are using your copyrighted content then it will be better that you tackle with them by law. File a lawsuit and send notice regarding removal if they refuse to remove those spammy links with consent.

For links that are still alive, use NoFollow so that they are not traced by the GoogleBots for being estimated for page ranking.

3. Building links too fast in little time

It is generally observed that building links at a fast pace in little time affects your ranking. There is no need to halt but start creating links at slow pace and wait for some time for the rankings to improve when link density becomes low over time.

4. Creation of junk and duplicate content

Most of the SEO optimizers use copy and create lots of junk content on your website to get high rankings. But days have changed and Search engines like Google do not torment these duplicated content any more. These contents are penalized as well. The only reason is low quality!

Go through your site, remove all of such content and add some new one.

Low quality pages can also temporary be blocked using indexing in the robos.txt file in your sitemap. Once you add high quality content revert back to the previous indexing. Isn’t this simple!

5. Other methods

include removal of links cluttered on a single page or set of pages of a particular website called as ‘all page links’. For quicker restoration remove all those links. You can later add more links using legitimate methods to make for them.


It is not necessary to take a leap and close the penalized website. It is better to observe the intensity and make use of the abovementioned tips that will work for Google SERP restoration without doubt. I appreciate the efforts that you have implemented for establishing a reputable identity in this fast developing market. Buying new domain and creating fresh content will fetch same results but with a lot of labour as discussed above.

You better make use of these tips and restore your site. Have faith… you will surely succeed.

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