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The Right way to Exercise in your Final Trimester

Exercise in your Final Trimester

Women who find the time to exercise during pregnancy experience health benefits. Some of these benefits include improved: Exercise in your Final Trimester

  • cardiovascular fitness
  • blood pressure
  • mood
  • weight control

Experts at Gaudium, the best IVF centre in Delhi/NCR have recommended low- to moderate-intensity activity for years.

You can even do jogging, throughout pregnancy with permission from your doctor. Still, there are precautions pregnant women must concede to keep both mom and baby healthy.

One thing you have to make sure is to be very safe. You should always keep in touch with your doctor before engaging in any new fitness program. Take their advice and then decide anything further.  Especially after the second trimester, one should be very careful with their exercise routines. Those who have been just sitting should now start to walk slowly every day.
Once you start your third trimester, you typically avoid exercises which require:

  • jumping
  • hopping
  • skipping
  • bouncing

Here is a list of exercises you would want to do:

1. Walking and jogging

Walking is one of the simplest but a must exercise for your health. If you like to go the extra mile, try jogging instead.

However, pregnancy is definitely not the right time to switch to running routines. If you have been already doing some running till week 27, you may stop only if you start feeling some discomfort or have health issues.

But always make sure that you have reduced the intensity of jogging as compared to you normal routine.

2. Swimming and aqua aerobics

If you have a safe pool or aqua sports complex new your house, lap swimming is an excellent total-body exercise. It is very useful and relieving for women who have been having aches and pains. Water helps in taking the pressure off of your legs and backs and helps prevent overheating.

One should always keep in mind that exertion, even in cool water, is a source of producing sweat. If you swim for long periods, hydrate as you’d while doing workouts out of the pool.

There are lots of aerobics classes adapted for underwater enjoyment. Zumba in the pool gets you dancing with added resistance.

Aqua jogging is always an excellent exercise for runners who don’t feel comfortable with the idea of impact in later pregnancy. Some gyms or pools are even equipped with water cycling.

3. Yoga, Pilates, and other low-impact exercises

When you enter your third trimester, opt for Low-impact exercises are great.Examples include:

  • yoga
  • Pilates
  • cycling

These workouts target all the major muscle groups. This can assist you feel fit and powerful for delivery.

Try taking classes specifically designed for pregnant women.

4. Bodyweight and toning moves

Heavy weights can cause severe danger the third trimester, especially if you are not a regular lifter. Try these instead:

  • squats
  • modified planks
  • wall pushups

Gaudium IVF, Best IVF clinic in Delhi recommends you side-lying work that helps stabilize muscles and other areas, including the:

  • glutes
  • outer hips
  • inner thighs
  • hamstrings
  • basic bicep curls
  • lateral raises
  • triceps work

Fit mom, healthy baby

The third trimester of pregnancy is filled with all sorts of thoughts, emotions, and even more physical changes. For those of you who are used to being fit, even just 20 minutes of exercise a day can alleviate many of these symptoms, give you a boost of energy, and strengthen your body for delivery.

These healthy habits are wonderful to develop now and continue in the postpartum period as well.

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