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The Joy of Watching Old Movies

Old Movies

It was the glamour and romance that was filmed by the Hollywood that initially attracted most of us to the movies. In the earlier years, cinemas helped persons to forget at least for a while the chaos of a world that was marred with wars. The term Hollywood is synonymous to beauty and glamour. Do you have a feeling that at some point of time you will run out of movies to watch ? Do not panic such a thing is not going to happen. Even if you are going to watch at least two movies daily for the rest of their life, there will be still plenty of old movies remaining for you to watch.

But if your worry is about the ideas and stories behind a movie, there may be some substance in it. However there is no reason to panic. If you feel that the new movies are running out of stories and ideas, you can always go back to watch the old movies. Compared to the present time movies, old movies are in a class of their own. Most of the old movies have a lot of thrilling plots and excellent cast. They often gave entertainment and good message to the viewers who often came to watch movies tired after their work.

You should never under value an old movie just for the reason that they lack picture quality or that they are in black and white. Some of the best movies ever made in the history of movies belong to the class of old movies. Casablanca, A Philadelphia Story, citizen kane singing in the rain etc. are some of the classic movies of the old. The performance of the actors of the past are noticeably better than the present day actors. They were outstanding in dancing, singing and acting. The value of the theme of the old movies have not lost by the passage of time. They are certain to entertain you still. Most of them come under the class of ever green movies.

Over the time they were many occasions which provided an ideal occasion for watching an old movie. At a time when the world population struggled after depression and by war, they often depended on movies to stay happy and to forget at least momentarily the harsh realities of life. The beauty, glamour and happiness in the movies of those times helped the people to stay happy. The music and the characters of the old movies encouraged the people of those times to forget their agony and to face the future with hope.

When it is slightly raining outside, it may bring nostalgic memories to you and you may feel to remain idle in the warmth and safety of your house. This is an ideal time when you can select an old movie to watch. The happy characters and story line of the past are certain to bring you to a great mood of the entertainment. If you are in a sad or sober mood where you feel lonely, it will be a great idea to watch an old movie. It is certain that an old movie will bring back the happiness in you for most of the old movies contain a number of cheerful moments which can create an optimistic outlook to the future.

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