Super Mario Run Tricks

Super Mario Run takes a few days available for iOS users, causing fury among some and anger among others for the price to pay to unlock all its content. The new Nintendo game is fun and has entertainment for a while, but is it worth it to pay for it? We answer that question.

Tips and tricks of Super Mario Run that you did not know
To squeeze Super Mario Run, have paid or not, we will show you a series of tips and tricks that may not all know. And it’s always welcome to know everything about that game that you like so much.

  • Play everything you want to the free version : yes, in a certain sense, the free version has no limits. You can not access My Kingdom or play more than one Race, but we can repeat as many times as we want the first four levels of the first world. For some it may be enough, for most, enough to know whether to buy it or not.
  • Repeat each level as much as you want : and if you decide to buy it, you can repeat all the levels as much as you want. And what is better, you can restart them as much as you want if you see that things are not going well, at any time.
  • You can use the bubbles whenever you want : the bubbles are like lives, if you lose, you are resurrected in the moment. But you can use them whenever you want if there is something you want to repeat, however, they are spent, so use them wisely.
  • Eye when collecting the colored coins : you only get them if you get all five in a single game, here it is not worth repeating. So, double advice, use the bubbles wisely, do not miss the coins.
  • There are many ways to get tickets : if you like the Racing mode , you will always be waiting for tickets . There are several ways to get them, do not get stuck for something quite simple.
  • There are more characters : you can not only play with Mario, the game brings other characters that you can unlock and that can come well to get different things, because it has special moves.
  • To access all the Races you need to pass the Worlds : in effect, if you want to play for Toads of superior colors, before you need to have passed all the Kingdoms of the Worlds mode.

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