Well, nothing is enough to try the Pikachu with bad milk in the game. We tell you in Guilty all about the skills of Wrecking Ball in Overwatch.
The new playable character of the wonderful Blizzard title is finally here. No, not from WoW, I said ‘wonderful title’. I meanRatatoing Hammond , the rodent with the most evil baba on this side of the pond. Are you curious to know how you spend them? So rest assured, that the little Goron tells you all about the skills of Wrecking Ball in Overwatch . Remember that these data are about the character in the public beta to prove it, and can undergo changes once officially released.

As we can appreciate and also as the official website tells us , Hammond (Wrecking Ball for friends, Pikachu crossover and Hamtaro for enemies) is a tank. Therefore, his style of play is focused on breaking through opponents. Regarding its points of vitality, Wrecking Ball has 600 HP. Not bad for a tank, but it seems slightly low. But as soon as I tell you a little about your abilities you will understand why this bug has to be nerved.


Wrecking Ball could also be called Swiss Army Knife and nobody would notice any change. In a moment I will tell you how each skill works and what each one does, but for now I prefer that you take a look at what it has to offer. Of course the thing is varied, and here there is material for each one. Bear in mind that this character is not the simplest, even if it is a tank, since those three stars of difficulty have not put them to be put.

Quad Cannons

The main weapon of Hammond is something that seems amazing, but unfortunately it is not so far. With a capacity of 80 shots per recharge (it is also of the same duration as that of Bastion’s turret mode), it is a bit meh. Damage is decent if we aim at the head, but try to use it closely to hurt. It is not nice to get to recharge in someone’s face.


Ok, next we have what it is to be the essence of Ratatoing: the ability to shoot. with a simple touch of the Shift button, we will transform into a ball. The speed that we can reach is considerably decent, although we do not hurt nor can we attack in this way. The cooldown is one second, so there is no problem in alternating modes. But beware, that is not as useless as it seems: being the ball is the key to Hammond’s other abilities.

Grappling Claw

Aaaaaaah, now comes the good. You see, in order to activate this ability we must remain in ball mode. Once we are in this mode, we can throw the hook to any surface and honor the name of Wrecking Ball. That’s right: with the hook and a bit of inertia, we can become a demolition ball. This ability is very practical to disperse enemies or fight your way through groups of players. And with a cooldown of 5 seconds, the hook will be what will make Hammond unique. Although the string piece is not the only skill that makes a combo with the ball, no …


Man, hello Doomfist! Come in, come on. This last offensive ability can only be done when we are at a considerable altitude. This can easily be achieved by pinning the hook on a roof and playing with the laws of physics to propel itself upwards. Once we are very high, if we press Control we will turn on ourselves and we will fall doing a small AoE (Area of ??Effect). This wave will turn anyone who goes down in a similar way to the shock wave of Doomfist. Of course, it has a cooldown of 9, so play patience. And speaking of patience …

Adaptative Shield

Go Doomfist, you’ve brought Zarya too! Okay, this is a bit of giving unnecessary things to the Raichu without a tail. As a defensive skill, Wrecking Ball can press the E and activate a personal shield that is threaded. No, if not for nothing, but lasts 7 seconds the shield and on to more enemies nearby, more damage the shield holds. That’s right, it has a criminal cooldown of 115 seconds, so if you hope to spread the matrix type of D.Va pa your house you can shoot. And finally look, since we are talking about throwing things …

Ultimate: Minefield

The name translated into Spanish will probably be “easy way to get out”. I exaggerate? Well you will say, but an ulti that can be activated also in ball mode which fills half the area of ??mines … I do not know Rick, it seems a tad climb the vine. The mines can certainly be destroyed like anything that stays fixed in one place in this game. Of course, in maps with the capture point very closed this will be more effective than using KH7 in a dirty ceramic hob.

And here’s the Wrecking Ball skills guide! The information about Ratatoing will be updated as soon as it comes to light. And for more entertaining things, I recommend you take a look at the Illustrious Indieviduos section. In this last installment we have Jason Canam , a very good indie developer with a lot of experience.

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