Pokémon GO Radar Trick

Pokémon GO has not been an example of efficiency lately (or ever). Niantic has thrown third-party applications that made life easier for us and their own tools do not work well at all . The old system to find pokémons with the radar did not work well at all, and the developers decided to eliminate it instead of fixing it.

The problem is that now we have a warning that there is a pokémon nearby, but we have no idea where you can walk . We can walk in any direction and be lucky to find it or, on the contrary, walk like fools and lose all trace of our longed for capture. Thanks to a Reddit user , we can now find almost any pokémon that we know is nearby.

The trick to find pokémon with radar

This method is simple; applies the logic, but unfortunately it is not infallible , because we have to walk a lot, find several points on the map to understand in what area, more or less, should walk the pokémon that we know is close. Thanks to the scheme that the Reddit user has made, it is much easier to understand how the whole process works.

What we have to do is walk in a straight line until we stop finding the pokémon on the radar, go back and do just the same. Find the middle point between the two, and go left or right. The Pokémon can be very close or something further away, and we can go in the wrong direction; If we stop seeing it, we know it will be right in the opposite direction. The problem? That can disappear , because as we all know, only during a certain time.

We leave you step by step every point of this method:

  • Walk in one direction from point A (the start of our walk) .
  • When the pokémon does not appear, you’ve reached the point B .
  • It turns at point B and walks in the opposite direction, when the pokemon not shown, you have reached the point C .
  • Turns back and sees the center between the two points, the point D .
  • Now turn left or right until you find the pokémon. If you stop seeing the Pokémon, you will reach point E, walk in the opposite direction until you find it .

Now, this is the theory, in practice you may lose a lot of time following all the steps and the pokémon will stop you from leaving definitively. But without a doubt, it is the best method to get it right now . Another problem we can have is that we are not in a network of streets precisely straight, which distorts the scheme above. For this we should take into account just that looking at the map, and try to correct it on the fly.

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