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Pillow Boxes are more than just Packaging.

pillow packaging

Pillow boxes are another name of smart and unique packaging. Pillow boxes are used all around the world due to diverse nature. As the name indicates pillows boxes look like pillows.
These exceptional boxes ensure that you never go wrong with your packaging. Pillow boxes add value to products and are very easy to assemble. The elegant and professional look of pillow boxes adds beauty to your products and leaves an extraordinary impression on customer’s minds about the brand.

Pillow boxes flawlessly fit any product of any industry and are specially used to beautifully hold products like soaps, apparel, gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.

Pillow boxes are easy to handle, eco-friendly, recyclable, attractive. It’s quite difficult to list only a few qualities but let’s just try to point out the most obvious reasons.

Material for pillow boxes:

A wide variety of materials is available for custom pillow boxes. Customers can choose the material according to its preference. Cardboard and Kraft are popular material choices for custom boxes wholesale.

Kraft and cardboard both have amazing strength which provides protection to products in transit and on retail shelves. Pillow boxes are also made of food grade material to safely pack the food without altering food quality and taste. These incredible boxes add mouthwatering appeal to your food items.

Pillow boxes can easily accommodate products and are the most loved packaging style of retailers. These boxes require less space and look very pleasing on retail shelves. Another amazing feature of pillow boxes is their earth friendly nature. Usually, they are crafted from recycled material which doesn’t pollute the land. Pillow boxes are also reusable so many customers reuse them at home too for storing their small items. The shape of pillow boxes doesn’t deform easily which makes them the perfect choice for reusability.

The material of pillow boxes is very durable which makes it perfect for encasing all sorts of items. These boxes are light weight yet very effective in protecting the environment.

Customization of pillow boxes:


Pillow boxes allow you to bring your imagination into reality. Add value to your products by customizing your pillow boxes with a personalized touch. Customization of pillow boxes will build your brand reputation and will add distinctiveness to your products. Handles on pillow boxes give them a modern and swanky touch.

In today’s competitive world customers loves to buy unique items and simple plain boxes lost in the sea of brands. Use your pillow box ton connect with customers by adding stinking designs and colorful sketches to your box. Brand logo and other product related information help buyers to conveniently choose their desired product. Window panes on pillow boxes allow the customer to peek inside the box and know what they will be getting.

Pillow boxes are now used by top notch brands to show the quality and value of their products. Incorporate your brand’s vision and let your box do the talking in industry. Pillow boxes’ unique shape makes them perfect for gifting purposes.

The receiver of the gift will be delighted to see such an elegant packaging. Many people use these boxes for their wedding, birthday, etc. giveaway. Decorate this box with ornament, ribbons, etc. And see what magic it will do on the receiver. Pillow boxes can be adapted and are perfect for any occasion.

Cost effective:

Pillow boxes are usually made of cardboard, Kraft, or recycled paper board which makes them very pocket friendly. The cheap and easily available raw material of pillow boxes in the market has brought a revolution in the packaging industry. Pillow boxes are very light in weight which also reduces the shipment cost. You can easily get these boxes at wholesale which will save you a lot of money.

Pillow boxes can be found in various styles like folded pillow boxes, hair extension boxes, wedding gift boxes, cardboard pillow boxes, and many more. Customers can choose whatever design he likes to best suit its products. Custom pillow boxes are convenient in use and economical.

Catchy design and great for advertising:

Business owners always look for an option that can deliver their products safely to customers. Pillow boxes are ideal for sending products, especially for marketing purposes. Manufacturers use them to send marketing products, free samples, and discount vouchers. The unique design of the pillow box catches every onlooker’s attention. Personalization will add a splendid and ritzy touch to packed products. Place your logo on top and smartly advertise your brand without spending a single penny.

In conclusion, pillow boxes are perfect for brands that want to add uniqueness and innovation to their packaging. Pillow packaging is a savvy move when you want to make your product successful overnight. Incorporate pillow boxes to your packaging solutions to take benefit of pillow packaging but don’t forget to print the catchy logo on top to make your identity.

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