No Man’s Sky Tips

No Man’s Sky is already among us and if something we can not deny is that it has not left anyone indifferent . From love to hate, the title is going through all kinds of praise or insults. The hype train, which is what it has. Of course, the community that is being created is devastating, and quickly they are beginning to generate doubts, answers and others about several sections of the game.

In this article I am going to explain a few bases about the survival of the game, because I am seeing that people are very lost in several sections of the game . Not that this is going to be the definitive guide to the game, but it will certainly be useful.

There are trillions of planets to visit, do not hurry

  • Improve your inventory as soon as you can . This is what you are going to say yes or yes when you start heading, and that is because the capacity of the initial inventory is ridiculous and we will soon fall short. In Xombit Games we will do a guide explaining this in more detail, but basically you will need to go to a machine that will allow you to increase the inventory in exchange for units.
  • Eye to extreme climates . Each planet is a world, never better said, and the conditions with which you can find are undoubtedly very varied. From a scorching temperature to a true igloo, you must take this factor into account and see if your armor can withstand it.
  • Learn from the aliens . As you go exploring planets you will find several alien structures with a strange language, being normally a riddle. If you manage to solve these tests, you will always be rewarded for it, so it is worth checking out.
  • Save the game, every bit . This may seem very obvious, but this game does not have autoguarded, as we are used to in most triple A’s. This means that, if by careless you forgot to save your game and die, you will have lost all the progress, either minutes or hours played.
  • Explore, explore a lot . This last one is something personal. No Man’s Sky is an exploration game, so do not be in any hurry to do a rush downtown or something like that. Explore the planets to the fullest, enjoy the landscapes, collect little by little … Remember that there are trillions of planets to visit so … What are you going to be in a hurry for?

These are some initial tips on how to face No Man’s Sky, so you know, take your ship and dedicate yourself to putting stupid names to the planets, that’s what this game was developed for.

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