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Karthika Deepam Serial – Review, Story, Cast, and More

Karthika Deepam

Karthika Deepam Serial is a famous Indian TV series in the Telegu language broadcasting in Stars maa TV channel. This serial was telecasting at 7:30 pm for the overall convenience of family audience. Almost every viewer of this successful TV serial gets 100% entertainment and eager to recommend it to like-minded kith and kin. People who do not have time to watch this TV serial in this time can watch it on hotstar on online from anywhere at any time.   The main protagonists of this famous TV serial are


Archana Ananth as Soundarya

Premi Viswanath as Deepa

Nirupam Paritala. as Karthik

Baby Kritika as Sourya (Atthamma)

Baby Sahruda as Hima

Gadiraju Arun Kumar as Anand Rao

Shoba Shetty as Mounitha

Venugopal as Vihari

Yashwanth as Aditya

Sangeetha Kamath as Shravya

Seetha Mahalakshmi as Tulasi

Narasimha Reddy as Durga Prasad

Yashvi Kanakala as Srilatha

Sri Divya as Priyamani (Mounitha’s maid)

Umadevi as Bhagyalakshmi

As a beginner to this TV serial, you have to know that this TV serial is the remake of the renowned Malayalam TV serial Karuthamuthu aired on Asianet channel. Every artist in this TV serial reveals their talents and gets fans throughout the world.

The Karthika Deepam TV serial comes under three main genres namely romance, drama and soap opera. This TV serial is directed by Kapuganti Rajendra. The opening theme of this TV serial is Aaraneekumaaye deepman. Mr. Gutha Venkateshwararao is the producer of this famous TV serial from the Gagan Tele Show production company. Viewers of this 22-minute TV serial in weekdays get the complete entertainment. It is the suitable time to know about the actual story of this TV serial.

Karthika Deepam Serial Story:

This story is about two persons Deepa and Karthik. Deepa is a swarthy girl. Soundarya is a racist and the mother of Karthik. She dislikes Deepa because of her skin color. Shravya is a fair-skinned step-sister of Deepa. She falls in love with Karthik. Aditya is a brother of Karthik. He falls in love with Shravya. He tells his mother about his love and gets permission from her to marry Shravya. This is because his mother is racist and Shravya is a fair-skinned girl. Soundarya proposes this love and marriage issues to parents of Shravya and let them accept the relation. Shravya assumes she will marry Karthik and feels happy. On the other hand, later she learns the marriage proposal is only between her and Aditya.

Karthika Deepam

Deepa Loves Karthik

Karthik and Deepa meet each other on a frequent basis. He is impressed by kindness and generosity of Deepa. Amidst this Shravya proposes her love to Karthik and blackmails him to marry her or else she will commit suicide. Karthik convinces her by saying he will talk with his mother after Shravya’s birthday party arranged by his mother. He meets Deepa and her father to ask permission to marry Deepa. He personally meets her father and reveals that he cannot sire babies and He requests her father to tell this truth to Deepa. This is because he is ready to marry Deepa in a temple when she accepts this.

Deepa’s father is poor and unable to find a good partner for her. He has decided not to inform Karthik’s problem to his daughter. He only revealed Karthik’s interests to marry her. Deepa is happy as she gets a handsome man with a good heart as a life partner. Karthik marries Deepa and brings her to the birthday party of Shravya.

Soundarya Reaction

Soundarya becomes angry because she did not expect that her son marry such swarthy girl. Karthik’s brother Aditya and father are happy about this marriage. Sondharya lets Deepa to be in her house after some insults. She later arranges the marriage of her younger son Aditya and Shravya. After this marriage, Shravya decided to get rid of Deepa as well as her husband so as to marry Karthik.  However, she fails in her efforts to realize such desires. Soundarya finds unusual and unacceptable behaviours of Shravya day after day. She warns her daughter-in-law to be a good wife to Aditya otherwise she will expel. After this, Shravya stops her efforts and begins loving her husband.


Monitha was the childhood friend of Karthik. Soundarya likes her as she is a fair-skinned girl. Monitha becomes shocked and angry when she comes to know that Karthik married Deepa. She loves Karthik and promises herself to get Karthik from Deepa. Amidst Shravya is pregnant. Monitha kills Shravya’s baby and makes Karthik’s family accuse Deepa of it. Deepa proves that she did not kill her sister’s baby. She consults a doctor as she likes to get pregnant and seeks why she is not expecting such good moment in her life. Karhik is worried about it and discusses it with Monitha.  Monitha convinces him to change the entire reports before all such things.

Karthika Deepam Serial Tuning Point

Karthik and Deepa planned to go on honeymoon. However, Monitha is there. Vihari is the favourite novelist of Deepa. He meets Deepa.  Monitha makes Karthik to believe that his wife is cheating on him with this novelist. However, Deepa ties a rakhi to this novelist as a brother. After Karthik and Deepa returned from their honeymoon, Monitha brainwashes Karthik and makes him to believe that his wife is cheating on him. Deepa believes the reports that she cannot have children anymore. Soundarya gets this news and wants her son to marry again. Monitha is happy regarding this decision as she knows that Soundarya chooses her as the second wife of Karthik. However, Soundarya chooses someone else and informs his son about she will engage him to another woman.


Karthik is shocked about it and asking her wife about it while she is fast asleep. Deepa does not answer. She is shocked next day due to the arrangements for engagement. She cries and misunderstands that her husband accepts this engagement. Deepa’s father stops this engagement and Soundarya informs him that his daughter cannot bear the baby. He tries to tell the truth. However, Deepa faints. A guest in the event checks Deepa and tells everyone that she is pregnant. Deepa is happy about this news. However, almost everyone is shocked about it. Soundarya accepts Deepa as she bears the heir of her house. There are so many interesting things hereafter in this popular TV serial. You can watch this TV serial hereafter and have a great entertainment.

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