Jetpack Joyride – To infinity and the exit!

What would you do if you had the opportunity to grab a brand new technology? If you could turn your dream of traveling the sky into reality? It is certain that you would not hesitate for a long time, even if you had to introduce yourself in an ultra secure laboratory!

That’s what happened to Barry, a salesman entangled in a depressing routine … On a happy coincidence, he managed to get his hands on a brand new jetpack designed by unscrupulous scientists! Unfortunately, after having equipped his brand new machine, the alarms of the laboratory began to sound in a deafening noise, triggering the anti-intrusion security. Between the exit and Barry stood missile bursts, lasers with destructive power, and electric rays. It took more for Barry to lose his means, and firmly attached to his jetpack, he seized orders running towards his destiny!

From mobile games to board games

Jetpack Joyride, it is originally an application on mobile which I confess that I completely ignored the existence until now (I already told you about my unconventional penchant for current technologies?). Fortunately, I am fortunate to have two children who are old enough to remind me that I am getting closer and closer to the retirement home! So, when the game box appeared in the middle of the show, I was entitled to “Eh, but it’s the video game! I played on a tablet! “.

Yes, well, that’s fine! Rick Hunter is not very familiar with the latest news! History to fill my few gaps (do not worry, this is not the only one I cumulate), I was to take a look at the trailer of the mobile game, to get a little idea of ??what was behind this title. Well, it’s amazing, it looks a lot like the game on Kickstarter right now!

It is therefore Lucky Duck Games who is at the controls of this adaptation, and obviously, they are not at their gallop test on the subject (after Vikings Wild Gone, Zombie Tsunami and Chronicles of Crime). The game therefore goes through crowdfunding until July 31, 2018.

The Escape Game without the riddles

In Jetpack Joyride, which we will affectionately call JJ (and not Gigi, the animated one who cradled the childhood of our little old boys), each player (up to 4) will control his own Barry in a laboratory consisting of 4 trays . The goal is, as you can imagine, to drive our young friend to the exit.

For this, you will have a common pool of tiles consisting of 5 squares and as many boxes on the trays. Simultaneously, the players will rush after the youngest protagonist has given the start.

It is therefore in a joyous mess that everyone will look, one after another, the tiles that will allow him to build the path freeing our hero.

However, in order to lead our Barry to safety, it will be necessary to make sure to create an obstacle course, with a beginning and an end. Indeed, the first tile should be straddling the left edge of the board (the place where Barry discovered the jetpack) and the following will have to form a continuous road to the right edge of the board. Thus, the last square of the tile exit should be adjacent to the first square of the next tile entry.

Yes, said like that, it looks super complicated, but in fact, it is much simpler. As life is well done, a superb Ludochrono is available (that’s good then!). And if you find that I am not very clear, do not hesitate to say it (anyway, I will not listen to you).

To spice up the race, because it is a race against his little comrades who prick the tiles you covet without showing any qualms, you will have special goals to achieve to show others that you are the most agile . And if really, you are a virtuoso of the high flight, you can tell it a little more by recovering a maximum of coins on the way!

Once a player has managed to escape his Barry, or failing that there are more tiles available, or even worse than everyone agrees that he can not progress without hitting obstacle (which makes you lose 3 points in addition to being the laughingstock of the scientists of the laboratory), the round stops and we count the points according to the number of pieces collected (1 point for each), objectives accomplished (three goals per round), and special items that you have recovered. At the end of three rounds, you add up your points, and the one with the highest score wins!

I told you about special items: they will be recovered between two rounds by making a draft. We simply make available as many objects as players, and the dunce with the fewest points makes his choice first. When everyone has recovered an object, we start on a new round, passing his laboratory to his neighbor on the left (no, we do not take any object after the third round! Try to follow a little, it’s tiring ).

The pleasure of flying?

After two parts, including a first performed without fully respecting the construction of laboratories (they consist of 4 trays numbered 1 to 4, and we had mixed all the sections, which is bad!) And with a combo of unfortunate objects (Missile Jammer and Dezapinator), it turns out that the game is very nice. The setting up is fast and the pleasure is immediate. The game is accessible and despite the language barrier (which will be raised in the final edition of course), we enjoyed our games.

How to know that a game is good or not? In general, when we hear screaming at the table, then debrief that if we had allowed access to a particular room, the game would have ended otherwise, we can say that the healthy frustration that is release is a positive sign. Obviously, this is a game of speed and atmosphere, and that does not please everyone … In any case, at our table, the opinions are unanimous and we want more.

In the longer term, I still wonder if the weariness will not settle quickly. Indeed, the basic game includes only 16 lab trays (double-sided, which still gives some combinations), 12 goals, and 12 bonus items. This is fortunately not counting on the many stretch goals unlocked in the kickstarter campaign as I write these few lines. These will add diversity to the parties, which will make you want to get Barry out of his lab a little more often!

A flat also in terms of hardware, because in a hurry, trays tend to slip, and tiles to move slightly. It will be necessary to be cautious!

In any case, JJ is a very good family game, accessible to the youngest and bringing his dose of fun and good mood with his shimmering illustrations and simple mechanisms. It will also be, perhaps, your one and only opportunity to put you in charge of a jetpack!

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