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injustice 2

Finally Injustice 2 is now available for download on both android and iTunes. If you remember the game went to date expected in iTunes but unfortunately for the Google Play players the game has been delayed, but hey, the wait is worth it and we already have it.

The fights of the world of DC in your smartphone

Prepare to fight incredible battles in the DC universe. We will fight with DC’s favorite superheroes and villains in a new installment of the Injustice saga. For those who do not know this game is the continuation of the successful Injustice: Gods Among Us that has already passed through our website.

our hack for Injustice 2 comes loaded with improvements, many more characters, new and exciting game modes and even more improvements in your fighting style.

The system of equipment of the characters will allow us to improve them and make them unique. When we have our best characters prepared for the toughest battles we can enter the popular 3 against 3 and give it all.

The important thing in the battles is to dominate the controls, remember that in the fights of Injustice 2 we can jump, dodge, shoot projectiles and execute special and unique movements of the combat mode that makes the difference in the saga Injustice.

How to fight in Injustice 2

The combat system is easy and quick to handle. On the one hand we will have to quickly master fast attacks and movement controls. To use the fast attack we have to make Swipe to the right, if we do it upwards it will jump and attack.

On the other hand it is important to learn how to block and counterattack. To block there is no mystery as we have a lock button, the key is in the counterattack, we must press the lock button just before receiving the blow and automatically our character will perform a counterattack.

The special abilities have their own buttons, the only thing is that they are skills that require a pre-load so use them head. If you know what to do you will have to consult the information of the hero.

Winning battles in Injustice 2

As I commented, improving our characters will be key in the game. Injustice 2 offers us ways to level up and progress in the game and for this we have a new system of levels and stars with which we will get characters and unique equipment.

With the equipment system we will get new designs for the characters, new skills, bonuses of life and strength.

For them it is important to play the missions of the campaign, in these missions we will have final bosses who, when defeated, will reward us with great rewards. These missions can be played as many times as we want so you already know how to play and get upgrades for our Injustice 2 heroes.

Another important thing, do not improve all the heroes, look for the one that fits your way of fighting and focus on that, you will be able to improve a character quickly to 10. Since you already tend to a good fight and gain improvements will become faster .

In addition to all this, the game perfectly combines an incredible cinematic that will immerse us completely within history and will make us live unique sensations. If you want to know the history of the characters and how everything ends as it ends I recommend you to enter: History of the characters of Injustice 2

The only drawback of the game is that it has a lot of quality and is not optimized for mobile phones with less than 1GB of RAM and 1GB of free space on the smartphone.

We can now download Injustice 2 on Android and iTunes, get ready and fight.

I leave you with the trailer of the best fighting game for mobile.

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