How to move Fast in No Man’s Sky?

No Man’s Sky is already among us, and while it has not yet reached PC, if it is available on Playstation 4. What may be the most anticipated Indie of recent years , is not leaving anyone indifferent, either to good or bad. The surprise of much and the disappointment of many others, the title is giving much to talk to the community.

We have not had to wait too long for the players to begin to find the typical game errors that make life easier for everyone . The first of all has had to do with movement, as a user has achieved a way to move faster than normal thanks to the jet pack and a combination of buttons.

It is a bug, so we do not know how long it will work

The boy who has discovered it has called it Jetpack Dash , which would mean something like “Jetpack Race”. To achieve all that we do is run forward as you press the button melee (R1 Playstation) and in turn giving us momentum going with the X . As you will see, you will be flying forward at a faster rate than normal. This is something that can be very practical, because as you know the distances to travel in this game are considerable.

Anyway, I leave a video where the boy explains in detail how it is done while he is practicing it. Remember that this is not about anything other than a programming error , so you may end up correcting and removing it.

I also have to warn you to be careful with the falls using this trick , because we practically fly. It would not be the first time that someone suddenly finds himself on a cliff and ends up killing himself by running around without looking.

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