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How to Download New Movie Releases

How to Download New Movie Releases

For a one-time low fee, you can access unlimited free new movie releases, even movies still in theaters! As a subscriber you can copy your most wanted new movie releases to CD or DVD without a DVD burner and play them on your TV, DVD player, or computer. Download New Movie Releases at 13377x

Each movie site offers a unique variety or products and services. Some provide free bonuses, like an MP3 & Movie Player, others DVD Copy Software! Imagine not having to buy or rent new movie releases, ever again?
Types of Movie Download Websites!

There are basically two times of movie download sites… those that give you unlimited free new movie releases after an one-time fee and those with recurring monthly charges along with pay-per-download fees.

The movie sites that offer unlimited new movie downloads after an one time fee give you access these new movie releases using one or both of two ways, P2P and/or direct download databases (bittorrents). P2P networks offers a huge selection of downloads. From movies to books, you will have no trouble finding whatever you’re looking for. Now be careful, because the free p2p applications online install spyware, adware & popups on your computer. But do not worry, to prevent confusion, we only list quality ‘free’ & legal movie sites. Then there are the so called direct download databases, which appears to the members that they are searching & downloading new movies directly from the site. In reality, from multiple sources using bittorrent technology. These types of movie sites provide a very fast & secure way to download those new movie releases!
How Long Will You Take To Download New Movie Releases!

If you are using a modem, it could take 1 to 3 days to download a new movie release. However movies in a divx format or tmd format can be much quicker. To download movie releases using a broadband connections could take anywhere from just minutes to a few hours.

The cool thing about these movie sites though is that you can download unlimited new movie releases simultaneously! It all depends on the resources of your PC or MAC.
How to Increase Movie Download Speeds!

Downloading your favorite movie releases can take a long time. To increase movie download speeds, many movie download sites offer download accelerators that making downloading speeds 300 times faster! For good quality downloads check out 13377x

If you are using a cable modem or DSL connection, Express Movie Downloads provides software that can reduce downloading of DVD quality movies from a few hours to just minutes. You may be able to download up to 10 new movie releases in just a hour – Now that’s FAST! Watch Any New Movie Live While It Downloads!

Now you may not want to wait a second to watch your favorite movie. If that is the case Vongo would be a great option for you. Because with Vongo you can watch movies while they download, so you do not have to wait for the download to complete!

Now Vongo is not like the rest of the movie sites on this page. You have montly subscribtion for unlimited access to nearly half their movies. The rest of their movie collection is pay per view only. But they do have the nicest movie manager, I have used. You can download Vongo’s movie manager for free!
Secure Direct Download Databases (bittorrent networks)!

If you prefer not to file share, a direct download database is your best option. A great example is Express Movie Downloads. Because with Express Movie Downloads, you can access unlimited free movie releases & receive a FREE CD/DVD copy software! No file sharing may sound great to you, because you may value privacy and security a great deal.

13377x also allows you to search for your favorite movie release before you join their site. This way you know rather or not they have the new movie you desire before you spend your money!
Advantages of File Sharing!

Now there are some huge advantages of using P2P file sharing applications. You’ll have access to so much more than just movie releases. You’ll be able to download new software, music, games & much more! The Movie Downloads is a great example. Because The Movie Downloads gives you access to the following:

Movies – Music – Games – TV Shows – Sports Events – Software – Cartoons – Much More!

The Movie Downloads also allows you to copy any dvd to your cd’s. This makes viewing your favorite dvd’s on your PC that much easier! No expensive DVD Player needed!

Transfer New Movie Releases to Your iPod!

If you have an iPod, you will love Your iPod Movies. Not only does Your iPod Movies provide unlimited free movies for you to watch on your PC, Mac, or TV. But Your iPod Movies provides a iPod video converter for you to transfer any movie to your iPod!

Download New Movie Releases at 13377x

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