How Chat Software Can Improve Customer Relations


Of all the ways to improve customer relations, communication is the most important. With many consumers shopping or exploring your business online, communication becomes more difficult. Email is often impersonal and most people don’t appreciate having to wait until business hours to have their questions answered. The solution is live chat software. Businesses can interact with customers as they browse the site instead of hours or even days later.

Benefits To Businesses

One of the most important benefits of chatting with customers live is being able to offer a personal touch. You make your customers feel truly important and they are far more likely to make a purchase. Another major benefit is the ability to keep comprehensive logs of every conversation. Recording a phone call can often leave some words unclear. However, a live chat means each party types their responses, making logs easy to understand.

No longer does a business have to keep employees in a set physical location for customer support. Chat software allows employees to work remotely. This also allows employees to multi-task. They can work on other tasks while monitoring the software for new chats. Customer support can also view the same screens as the customer in real time, making support even better.

What Does The Software Allow With Regards To Customer Communication?

With chat software, you don’t have to wait for the customer to initiate a conversation. While they do have the option to start a chat session at any time, a support representative can monitor their activity on the site and send a live chat invitation after a certain period of time or when they visit set pages. This can be done manually or set to happen automatically. Both parties can start a chat session at any point. Automated agents can also assist customers with some of the more common questions, making chat even quicker.

Since chat doesn’t require anything special, customers are more likely to use it. They can continue the same session for as long as necessary to have their questions answered. The customer can also save the chat for their own reference should they have the same questions later.

Must Have Features to Improve Customer Relations

The best chat software has to have certain features to be truly beneficial to a business. The first two features are click to chat buttons and ways to set rules for proactive chat invitations. Skill based group creation is also a must. This lets the chat questions go to the right skill group to ensure the customer reaches a representative in the proper department. Some software also allows you to add other support channels in the session, such as voice, email and a knowledge base.

Automated agents work well to answer common questions to reduce the number of support representatives needed. A final must-have feature of chatting software is advanced reporting. You can create reports on every detail of chat sessions and track website analytics, even incorporating Google Analytics through the software.

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