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When you choose to create a Capture from the main Creator Menu, you will be given the option of which type of Capture it is you want to create: Contend, GTA, Hold and Raid. Each game type has its own particular feel and as always the best way to learn them is to experiment.

GTA mode tasks players with stealing target vehicles located all around the map, before bringing them back to their respective bases. Each team must fight to steal more vehicles in the allotted time than their opponents.

In Contend, teams must fight to bring Capture Object(s) back to their respective bases, and once the package is captured it respawns and is up for grabs again.

In Hold, teams must collect and store as many packages as possible in their base. Packages can either be found on the map, or stolen from the opposing team’s bases. Reach the target score, or hold the most packages when the time runs out, to win.

In Raid, you’ll have to fight your way into your opponents’ base and steal a package, then deliver it back to your base to score points. Reach the target score, or deliver more packages than your opponents do in the allotted time to win the match.

After selecting which Capture game type it is you wish to create, you will be given a fully adjustable overhead camera view of Los Santos which focuses on a small circular marker on the ground. This is used to mark the locations you wish to place the objects, weapons, Props and Actors for your new Job.

Upon entering the Creator, you’ll notice that the camera is placed in the sky above your character’s last location. You are free to move this wherever you want in the game world before starting to create your Capture.


This menu controls the general rules for your Capture and allows you to determine the default settings of several Lobby options – all of these options can be edited at any time, even after saving or publishing your Job.

Settings within the Capture Details Menu like maximum players, number of teams and score limit provide a foundation for the rest of your Job.


Red exclamation marks in the Capture Details Menu indicate the settings that must be completed before you can successfully publish your Job.

CAPTURE TITLE: This is the first impression that your new Job will leave with the gaming community at the Rockstar Games Social Club so make it memorable.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Your words will provide the GTA Online world with the info that they need to click “accept” and join the others that are excited to play your Capture.

ADD A PHOTO: This screen will serve as your Capture’s profile picture and will display in the lobby and also on the Rockstar Games Social Club.

TARGET SCORE: Found inside the Team Details Menu. The Target Score is the number of points a team needs to achieve to win. Each team can have a different Target Score, allowing for some interesting asymmetrical designs.



This will help players locate and bookmark your Job on the Rockstar Games Social Club website. Once bookmarked your Job can be accessed in-game and either played on its own or as part of a playlist.


You can customize the instructional text players will see onscreen during your Capture. This can be used to give your Capture a unique theme. Once you have entered your text, you can select to highlight key words representing Capture Objects or Capture Points.

Capture Text – this text tells players what they need to capture. Return Text – this text will display once players have collected the Capture Object and must return it to their Capture Point.

Recover Text – this text will displayed to players when another member of their team has collected a Capture Object.

Blip Name – this is the label that will be given to Capture Objects on the map.

Ticker Name – this is the label that will be given to a Capture Object in the ticker feed.

Plural Ticker – this is the plural version of the Capture Object label that appears on the ticker feed.


Adjusting the number of teams and players will have a major impact on the design of your Capture. Create anything from a tight, 2 player firefight to a sprawling 16 player (30 players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC), 4 team full-on war.


Balanced Time Limits allow you to control the pace of your Capture. Your Job will end when any team meets their Target Score, but if the Time Limit is reached before any team has achieved this then the match will end and the winner will be the team with the most points.

Tip – you want your Target Score to be achievable within your Time Limit, but by keeping it low you can ramp up the tension in your Capture. Players take more chances to score that all-important point if they’ve only got a minute left on the clock.

Remember, a game’s lobby host has the ability to change the end condition of your Capture to Time Limit (Job ends when time limit is reached), All Points (this turns off your Time Limit, only ending when a team reaches their Target Score) or Sudden Death (if scores are tied at the end of the Time Limit, the next team to score a point wins).


Team Vehicle: here you can choose to have players on individual teams respawn in certain vehicles. If you leave this setting as the default ‘None,’ players will respawn on foot.

Player Carry Limit: this determines how many Capture Objects individual players can hold at any one time. Changing this can dramatically change how your Job plays out.


Alter settings like the maximum Wanted Level, time of day, weather, density of both Traffic and Pedestrians, Lobby Radio, Capture music, and whether ambient gang members and emergency services are present or not.


Set the number of rounds that will form the structure of your Capture. It’s recommended you balance the number of rounds with the size and time limit of your Capture and the number of points each team needs to win.


With this option, you can choose to lock all players in the job into First or Third Person perspective for the duration of the job. Remember, the host can override the Force Camera option before the Capture begins.


The Placement menu is where you will build your new Capture (03). This is where you place the Trigger location for players to launch the Job, the Start Points where players begin the match, all the trappings of a team’s base and of course the Capture Objects / Vehicles.

You can also control the location of additional weaponry, vehicles, Props, Actors and each team’s unique scoring zone or “Capture Point”.


Before placing anything else in the Creator you’ll be asked to place a Trigger. This drops a large circular marker into the game world where players gather to launch your Job (04). It must be placed on an empty, flat, accessible surface with good clearance.

The Lobby Camera gives those that are waiting for your Job to begin an appealing view of your Job’s environment and must be placed close to the Trigger location where players launch the Job.


Each team’s Start Points (06) should be placed reasonably close to each other but can be spread out around the map if your design calls for it.

Try to start each team in locations which allow them an equal chance for a fair start. Avoid starting one team on a defensible rooftop and the other on the open ground below, for example.

Tip – If a team’s Start Points are clustered together within a few meters of each other the game will use a swooping Team Start Camera during the Capture.


  • Team Capture Points (05) are in effect each team’s “base”. Once a player collects a Capture Object/Vehicle they will be told to return it to their Team Capture Point.
  • Adjust the width of your Capture Points so that they are customized for each base and can provide its members with efficient entry and exit points.
  • If you are creating a GTA type Capture, using very large Capture Vehicles (the Phantom Truck, for instance), then ensure your Capture Point is large enough to accommodate several of these. Otherwise, GTA Capture Points can easily become clogged.
  • If you are creating a Raid type Capture, then you will be forced to place Capture Objects inside Team Capture Points. This game mode is specifically about the defending and attacking of bases.
  • Contend type Captures allow the user to create a contest between teams fighting over the same package. Team Capture Points in GTA Captures work exactly like Contend Captures.
  • Team Capture Points in Hold type Captures work a little differently. In Hold, the user can place Capture Objects inside or outside of Team Capture Points. Capture Objects placed inside a Team Capture Point are automatically counted towards that team’s score. The one limitation on where the user can place Capture Objects in Hold is that they cannot place enough Capture Objects inside a Team Capture Point to meet that team’s target score.
  • In Hold, GTA and Contend the user can choose whether Capture Objects can be collected by all teams, or any mix thereof (06). This should allow for some interesting designs. The one thing to keep in mind if choosing to create a Capture like this is that a package which is not active for team 1 will not be blipped on the radar for players on team 1, making it hard for them to defend.
  • When creating a GTA type Capture make sure to place all of your Capture Vehicles before placing normal vehicles. Your vehicle allowance is used up by both Capture and normal vehicles, so you can go over your allowance before placing a single Capture Vehicle.



  • Bad respawns can ruin a Capture.
  • Try to place your respawn areas in locations offering good cover (07). If you place a respawn area on open ground you are inviting spawn campers. Try not to place respawn areas exclusively over Team Capture Points.
  • There’s nothing worse than fighting your way into an enemy base, taking out the guards and stealing their object only to be shot in the back by one of the guards you’d just incapacitated. Give players a short run back to their base after respawning.
  • Avoid difficult terrain. If your respawn area includes steep ground chances are players will respawn then immediately fall to their death, rinse and repeat.
  • If your Capture takes place over a large area then it may be worthwhile not placing Team Respawn Areas. This will respawn players near to where they died. It could be useful in smaller maps too, but be careful, things could get messy.


  • All standard weapons can be placed in any Capture and can be collected by any player (08). If they already have a weapon of the same class they will be given two magazines worth of ammo instead.
  • Weapons are rank-restricted. Any placed weapons which unlock at a rank higher than that of the highest-rank player on the Job will be temporarily replaced with a weaker gun.
  • Keep in mind the flow of your play area when placing weapons. Try placing powerful guns in vulnerable locations or choke points.
  • Don’t forget to place health and armor pickups.
  • If making a GTA Capture it is worth remembering that the Capture Vehi-cles are destructible, so explosive weapons are twice as valuable in this mode.
  • The radar in Captures can become cluttered, especially near Team Capture Points and Capture Objects/Vehicles. Keep this in mind when placing pickups.


Adding Actors to your Capture is easy and can really bring your map to life (09).

  • Actors are separated into categories, such as ‘Cops and Army’ and ‘Gang Members’. Navigate through the Actor Library option to view these cate-gories. The only major difference between the Actor categories (other than how they look!) is that shooting an Actor from the Cops and Army catego-ry will give the player a 3 star wanted rating, just as it would in Freemode.
  • Inside each category there are numerous Actor models for you to use. Navigate through the Type option to view Actors from a specific category. Each individual Actor type has 3 pre-set looks, or you can leave Actor Variation as Random to generate a different-looking Actor each time the Job is played.
  • Accuracy and Weapon choice are as straight-forward as you might expect. One thing to remember though, an Actor with high accuracy and armed with a heavy sniper is a killing machine!
  • Actors can either be set to stand still, wander freely or patrol within a range. All of these are set within the Patrol Range option. Reducing Patrol Range to its very minimum sets the Actor to ‘Stationary’. Actors set up this way will stand still until aggravated, at which point they will engage you in combat naturally. Increase the Patrol Range to the maximum and they will be set to ‘Wander’. These Actors will move around the map freely. Lastly is a variable Patrol Radius. This limits the Actor to wandering within the patrol range set by the user. An Actor will stop wandering or patrolling within a range when aggravated, and will then enter combat.
  • Combat style determines whether an Actor attempts to use cover or not. If set as Aggressive they will try to either charge their enemy or will stand in the open and attack. If Defensive they should immediately find, and stay in, cover.
  • Actors set with the Defensive Combat Style and placed with their weapon option as Unarmed will cower on the spot.
  • If you have set your Actor’s Patrol Range to ‘Stationary’ you can give them an Idle Action. The Actor will then play your chosen animation (such as ‘Smoking’) until they begin to move.
  • You can set your Actor up to respawn. You can give them no respawns, unlimited respawns or a set number of respawns. The Actor will attempt to respawn near where you placed them, out of sight.
  • Actors can be friendly to one team but hostile to another. They can also actively fight other Actors placed. This is done using their Relationship setting. If an Actor is ‘Friendly’ to team 1 and ‘Hostile’ to team 2, they will not target players from team 1 and will attack players from team 2. Actors who do not share the same relationship group will attack each other: an Actor Friendly to team 1 and Hostile to team 2 will attack, and be attacked by, an Actor Hostile to team 1 and Friendly to team 2.
  • You can place Actors inside vehicles. Just place an Actor on top of a vehicle to place them in it. The first Actor placed will enter the driver’s seat, the second will enter the passenger’s seat and so on. The Actor will drive according to their Patrol Range. If you want to remove all Actors from a given a vehicle, hover your cursor over the vehicle and press Trian-gle/Y.
  • Users can place Capture Objects on Actors. To achieve this place a Capture Object on top of an Actor. Users can only place one Capture Object on each Actor. This can be used in conjunction with placing Actors inside vehicles: place the vehicle, place the Actor in the vehicle then place the Capture Object on the Actor inside the vehicle.


Publishing is intended for finished Captures. This option stores your Job on the Rockstar Games servers but also publishes it to the Rockstar Games Social Club website where other players may bookmark it, load it into their GTA Online session and play it with their friends or crew. The Job must be tested in the creator and considered valid to be published.

Requirements for Testing > Publishing

  • Valid Title (Capture Details Menu)
  • Description (Capture Details Menu)
  • Photo (Capture Details Menu)
  • Target Score (Capture Details Menu > Team Details)
  • Trigger (Placement Menu)
  • Lobby Camera (Placement Menu)
  • Team Start Points (Placement Menu) (Must place all available)
  • Team Capture Points (Placement Menu) (Must place 1 for each team) Capture Object/Capture Vehicle (Placement Menu) (Must have at least 1 active Object/Vehicle for each team)
  • You are then required to complete a valid test for every team in your Capture. A valid test consists of collecting a Capture Object/Vehicle and delivering it to your Team Capture Point
  • You should then be able to publish your Capture. If you make any edits after this point then your previous test will be invalidated, requiring you to re-test the Job for all teams

The Publish option is greyed out if the Capture is not yet considered valid.

Published Jobs can be accessed in GTA Online from the pause menu à Online à Jobs à Play Job à My Jobs.

You can still make further edits to published Captures, though as mentioned above you will be required to validate it again through test. Just hit ‘Update Version’ after making your changes to make your latest version of the Capture available on the Rockstar Games Social Club website.


Your Jobs will appear on the pause menu map as white blips and will also be listed in the pause menu in: Online à Jobs à Play Job à My Jobs. When you host one of your Jobs a Trigger is created in GTA Online, which works in the same way as the Rockstar Created Job Triggers.

Friends, crewmates and other players in your session can be invited to your Job.

Other players in the same session can join you by walking into your Trigger.

Only one of your Jobs may have an active Trigger at any one time – If you launch another one of your Jobs the first trigger is removed.

Jobs can be copied and deleted from the Creator Menu. Simply select ‘Load Creation’, highlight the Title and press Copy or Delete.

Source : RockStar Games

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