God of War Treasure Maps

Location of the God of War Treasure Maps and Their Solution

Can not find all the God of War treasure maps? In the following video you will discover its location and also the solution.
After showing the location of all collectibles , the thing does not end. In God of War we can find treasure maps to the Sea of Thieves. In addition, we will have to solve the riddles we find.

In the following video you will find the location of the God of War treasure maps . The person in charge of translating us is Atreus, son of Kratos, who eagerly gathers each of the treasures. After Kratos, ax in hand, unearths the treasures like Gorondorf playing Shovel Knight.

The video belongs to the Powerpyx trophy, tips and tricks channel. Below is the list of the exact minute and second in which there is a treasure in God of War for PlayStation 4. Finding these treasures is not that it is very important in the video game of Santa Monic Studios, but it will help us gain experience.

As in the list of videos of all collectibles, I warn you of possible spoilers. It is better to leave these videos aside if you have not completed the game.

Timeline of the map and solution of the treasures:

# 1 – The Turtles Tribute – 0:05
# 2 – Dead and Bloated – 2:06
# 3 – Kneel Before Thor! – 3:58
# 4 – Do not Blink – 6:27
# 5 – Njord’s Oarsmen – 8:44
# 6 – Creation Island – 10:31
# 7 – Finder’s Fee – 11:55
# 8 – The Boat Captain’s Key – 13:55
# 9 – Island of Light – 15:23
# 10 – The Historian – 17:19
# 11 – Hunter’s Kingdom – 18:20
# 12 – The Last Place They’d Look – 20:32

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