God of War Collectibles

Location of All God of War Collectibles

We show you on video the location of the God of War collectibles. Objects, crows, artifacts … nothing escapes our Kratos.
As in every game in the series, God of War on PlayStation 4 also has its hidden objects. Being a video game bigger than its PlayStation 2, PSP and PS3 brothers, there are many collectables.

In the beautiful channel of Powerpyx they have compiled in video the location of all the collectibles of God of War . still does not have the Kratos game, better not see a second of video. It has a full Kratos, and “little things” appear that can be considered spoiler. Now, if you have passed the game and you are missing objects, then go ahead.

Each video belongs to a map location. It does not have much mystery, because the Powerpyx goodies show us before the location and then the route to the object of yore. When you complete all the God of War collectibles you will be rewarded with 13 trophies.

Source : guiltybit

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