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Getting Pregnant – How to Get Pregnant Tips and Advice

How to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant is not always easy and straightforward as it seems. For your convenience and help we have compiled a number of tips on how to get pregnant.

It is important to remember that getting pregnant is not necessarily easy – for some it can happen right away, for others it will take a while.

With this in mind, you should not get despondent if you are trying and it’s not working – it has been shown that depression can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Maintain a positive attitude for best results!

1. Consult with Your Doctor First

Your doctor can advise you on any specific health needs you might have. They can give advice for your own personal condition, and can help monitor your progress.

2. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Many specialists recommend spending 4 months getting yourself and your partner into optimum health before trying to get pregnant. This will help ensure the egg and sperm are in top condition. In any case, you should do your best before trying to conceive given your time-frame. Aspects of health you should maintain for getting pregnant are:

Eat healthy – Eat regular meals; cut down on fats, sugars and white flour; eat lots of vegetables, fruits and protein; drink lots of water, Mothers Horlicks.

Maintain a healthy body weight – It’s important to be neither overweight nor underweight. Being too overweight can decrease your chances of getting pregnant, and be underweight can cause your body to shut down its reproductive system.

Avoid substances dangerous to your health – do not smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs. This includes recreational drugs and over the counter or prescription drugs. It’s also advised to stop or cut back on caffeine.

Exercise (with balance) – Exercise will keep your body in top shape for conceiving. Exercise has been shown to be helpful for stress levels, weight and hormonal production. However, do not over exercise, this can have a negative effect on your chances of getting pregnant.

Stay away from chemicals and pesticides – This should be done at all times, but is especially important when you are trying to get pregnant.

3. Predict Your Ovulation

In order to get pregnant, it’s vital you have intercourse at the right time. There is only a small time of 24-48 hours during your ovulation cycle each month when you can get pregnant.

Therefore, it is important to know approximately when you ovulate – it’s impossible to know exactly when this time is, but if you have intercourse before and during the approximate time, sperm should be present(they can survive up to 4 days) when the egg is released.

There are a number of methods you can use to predict ovulation when trying to get pregnant:

Ovulation Predictor Kits – These require testing a urine sample for at least 6 days prior to expected ovulation. When ovulation surge occurs, it will be indicated by a marker on the test, which means ovulation will occur in the next 24-48 hours.

Ovulation Scope – This is a reusable test that you can use to look for patterns in your saliva. When a pattern is detected it means ovulation is occurring. This test can be a bit more complicated to use for some users, as the pattern may be hard to detect.

Basal Thermometer – This method uses charting to monitor your body temperature. Changes in body temperature can indicate that ovulation is going to occur. Requires monitoring and recording your temperature every day of your cycle.

We recommend using urine ovulation kits composed of test strips for getting pregnant. Our customers seem to have had best results with urine tests and the strips are very affordable.

Good Luck!

We hope these tips will help you with getting pregnant. We recommend you do more research on your own about this topic, and ensure to consult with your doctor. We welcome any tips or advice you might want to add, we wish you the best of luck with getting pregnant!

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