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Eating Healthy on a Budget: 7 Tips for Starters

Eating Healthy on a Budget

When on a budget, healthy eating is probably the last thing you worry about. Healthy food means “healthy” money, too. Fast food is lot cheaper, but… Eating healthy on a budget is not that hard, and here we show you how. Those tips will help set you up the right way.

1. The Freezer

Whether you buy fresh seasonal fruits and veggies and then you freeze them, or you buy already frozen food from the stores, you are still on the wining lane. Seasonal fruits and veggies are very costly when their season is over. Keeping supply in your freezer is great thing to do. You still have the healthy ingredients for your meals AND you save money off-season.

2. Adapt

Instead of shopping what groceries you need for your daily meals, start planing your meals from groceries you’ve got on sale or discount. Make sure you are up to speed with local stores that have discounts or sales at the end of the day, or weekly. You can still prepare your healthy meals and save some money in the process.

3. Beans

Beans are great source of protein. They also contain fiber. Adding beans or brown rice to your meat-based meals is great way to bulk-up your meals and have more healthy meals for less. After all that is our goal here – eating healthy on a budget.

4. Meat

White meat is generally recommended healthy source of protein, because it is low on fat. Many go for chicken breast only, or turkey cuts. Next time you go shopping for meat, buy chicken thighs. Although thighs have more fat on them then breasts, they are still valuable protein source and guess what: you can cut on oil. So, not only they are cheaper then breasts, but you also save on cooking oil.

5. Try new food

If you are stuck with a limited number of dishes – it is time for you to open your mind and try something new. Same dishes every week tend to get boring, therefore making you unhappy with your meals. Mexican or Indian cuisine are both great to taste. They rely more on vegetables and less on meat. Veggies are cheaper then meat and you add some excitement to your regular meals.

6. Freezing leftovers

If you cook more then you need for one meal, make sure you freeze the leftovers. Cooking 2 pieces of chicken breasts in larger pane will take the same amount of time as cooking one piece in smaller pane. Cooking this way, you benefit two ways: you use less power (no cooking for the second meal) and you save time. Oh and, by the way, you save money, too.

7. Leftovers’ Second purpose

Use the same leftovers to prepare different meals. You can use that roasted chicken leftovers to make sandwiches, make fried rice with chicken dish, make a soup. Buying whole chicken is usually cheaper then buying chicken breasts only. Shopping and cooking this way makes eating healthy on a budget an easy task.

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