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Dropshipping Scams and The BBB

Dropshipping Scams

I want to set the story straight once and for all on the Better Business Bureau, and why most real drop shipping companies do NOT use them, and most scam sites do. Your probably wondering what I am thinking by writing this but just hear me out for one minute.

A new scam site opens up with one intention in mind, to take your money, the first thing 99% of these guys do is go to the BBB, and buy a BBB badge to slap on their website. Anyone can get a BBB badge and they only cost about $500.00 and what’s $500.00 to someone that’s gonna steal a $5000.00-$10,000.00 any one can get a BBB account just give them some money. Then after they get their BBB badge they proudly slap it on their website creating the illusion that they are a trusted company. You come along as the consumer thinking to your self that the company must be legitimate because their with the BBB you buy a service from the company, and then get ripped off for several thousand dollars, then what happens next ? Well most people go and complain to the BBB, but what comes of it ? You don’t get a refund, and nothing happens so you just lost a few thousand to a scam.

This happens all the time companies use the BBB as a tool to deceive people.

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Here’s what you may not know the BBB is a paid service they get money from every company that signs up with them and were not talking about a few pennies some companies pay anywhere from 500.00 to 1000’s of dollars

Another fun fact that you should know is that the BBB gives commissions to their employees to get sales, and each yr when renewal time comes around do you really think those complaints stay in place ? Not hardly ! Since this site has been open almost every person that has been victimized by a scam site has said the same thing “we thought they were legit because they were a better business bureau member.” Think again.

Did you know the BBB has more complaints than almost any other website online ? Type in BBB sucks in Google and see what you get.

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