Dishonored: Brigmore’s Witches

Continuation and end of the adventures of Daud who must wash the affront of his family against the cruel and mysterious witches of Brigmore led by the powerful Delilah.

Dishonored’s quest for revenge charmed specialists and singles players at the end of 2012. A real success that drove Arkane Studio (its developer) and Bethesda (its publisher) developed DLCs allowing us to explore even more the dark capital of Dunwall. Take out the epic Daud, the assassin of the Empress in two parts including The witches Brigmore is the second episode. A direct result of Dunwall’s Blade, Daud finds himself in his lair recovering from the Attack of the Supervisors and the betrayal of his second. The Harpooners (his gang of assassins) tell him that Delilah and his witches are cut off at the Brigmore mansion, which can only be accessed by boat using an experienced smuggler. The only one Daud knows is the former leader of the Lizzie Stride Aiguilles Mortes gang, who is currently languishing in Coldridge prison and dispossessed of her ship. Daud will have to release her and take her ship back to Drapers Ward.

Not surprisingly, this latest DLC is as good as the previous one and as the original game. The proposed universe is still fascinating with two new great areas to explore, namely a run-down neighborhood and Brigmore’s mansion (not so abandoned). These two areas allow us to learn more about the role of gangs in Dunwall and this strange sect of witches. For those who have loved Dishonored, just being able to move in their new places is a pleasure. Especially since the story is more worked and more interesting than the first DLC. I can not explain why without too much spoiler. In any case digging is rewarding thanks to the many books and notes that are found. Finally, the developers have perfectly adapted our choices made in The Dunwall Blade. The sequel is truly direct (with the same level of chaos) which changes the narrative of cinematics but also some elements of the game. Thus Harpooners judge your actions according to your choices and you can even meet characters not eliminated in your previous adventures in the prison. The different purposes are also masterful offering completely different perspectives on Dishonored’s overall plot. The game takes place in parallel to the quest of Corvo whose actions have left traces in particular in prison …

As with Dunwall’s Blade, the DLC offers two new environments and one already worked with Corvo. But this time, the prison is totally rediscovered because we escaped quickly without any power with Corvo. It is therefore appreciated to go completely through the place with a murderer with developed powers (the same as we had in completing the previous DLC). The other two environments are just as good whether it’s the huge neighborhood (with its sewers) of Drapers Ward in decrepitude in the throes of a gang war or the sublime and disturbing Brigmore mansion where nature is slowly regaining its rights. The developers have nevertheless thought to propose new gameplay, the most important are three in number. A power makes it possible to attract towards objects then the bodies when it is increased thoroughly. It’s a great idea that changes the way we play. We can also find corrupted bone charms that provide a larger bonus but with a significant penalty. An idea not really essential unfortunately. Finally, the Brigmore Manor offers new enemies whose witches are as twisted to avoid as to fight with their teleportation powers and magical attacks …

These new features make the last zone excellent to discover and make it one of the greatest moments of the Dishonored saga. We also appreciate that the favors at the beginning of the mission are really more effective. For example, you can have a Supervisor costume to come back disguised in the prison where it will then be necessary to keep company with the guards to deliver Lizzie. You will understand, the different possibilities are still there in semi-open environments rather beautiful with a gameplay still multiple. A great success again. The DLC is clearly worth 10 euros since the 6 hours of play can easily be reached if you like to search and fill out the side quests, or you dig your head not to simply kill important targets.

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