Destruction Derby Racing – A Combat Game for Android

Destruction Derby Racing is a combat game with high level sports cars. When I speak of combat, I mean exaggerated shocks everywhere that manage to blow up the vehicles in the air.

It is very dynamic, simple and games are relatively short, ideal for those who want to have some fun.
Two game modes to enjoy in Destruction Derby Racing

In the game you will find two modes available: Death-match and Survival.

Death-match consists of all versus all. Survival is everything versus, well, you are alone, where the main objective is to try to survive as much as possible, either by escaping your opponents or by destroying them.

Each mode has objectives, that when fulfilling you will be able to put together ‘Victories’ that will serve you to unlock content.

Regarding the controls, they are simple and offer the following options:

  • Accelerator, brake and steering wheel with a virtual thumbstick.
  • Accelerator, brake and steering wheel with inverted virtual thumbstick.
  • Accelerator, brake and steering wheel through device accelerometer.

You will find a garage where you can buy better vehicles, each one with its particular characteristics to adapt your style of play. Before starting the game you can buy power-ups to do more damage, get more defense or even make you giant. There are possibilities that the game files will be available online with hacks for resources.

It also includes a system of in-game power-ups, which appear during the game at a frequency of time. If you manage to grab some, it will give you a special ability in a random way.

The possible power-ups that appear are:

Low gravity: for a period of time, all vehicles will be affected by lower gravity, which means they can fly even more in crashes and even get fired from the platform.

Speed Boost: Your vehicle will accelerate more than normal.

Destroyer Impact: The next opponent that crashes will be destroyed instantly.

Time bomb: you will charge a dynamite that explodes and deals damage to all nearby opponents.

Repair: part of your vehicle will be repaired.

To get a little competition with your friends, you can access Google Play services and register your best scores for each mode you can see at the end of the game.

You just need to squeeze the throttle all the way to and point at any opponent you encounter on your way.

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