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Cardio Exercises at Home – How to Getting Fit

Cardio Exercises at Home

Starting cardio exercises at home gently is a good beginning for getting fit. When the body is ready for more vigorous activity over longer periods of time, the level of fitness can start to be improved.

This can be done in several ways:

  • Exercising can be done for longer periods of time.
  • Exercising can be done more intensely.
  • Exercise can be done at a faster pace.

Initially increasing the time duration, and including more exercises in the program may be sufficient. Varying the arm and leg movements, as well as the type of jumps may well be enough for a short period of time. Rotating three different kinds of cardio workouts will keep them more interesting, and the body guessing. The body will soon get used to doing the same thing over and over again, until it no longer responds by improvements. This is why rotating workouts is recommended.

One can only workout for so long, and if an hour long sessions has already been reached, it is time to vary the manner in which cardio exercises at home are performed.

A stepper can be used to make the workouts more intense. Intensity can also be increased by the addition of dumbbells. For cardio exercises even light ones will make the workout more intense. Using both the stepper and a set of dumbbells increases the intensity further.

Another way to vary a workout is to do it faster, and when done over the usual time period, more exercises can be managed in the usual time.

If the above is still not enough, then it is time to get into high intensity interval training. This is as tough as cardio exercises at home get. Suffice it to say here, that they are normally done for shorter periods of time, and energy continues to be burnt for much longer. These types of workouts are not for everyone.


Getting fit can be achieved by doing longer workouts, making them more intense, or doing them faster. Combining these with a pair of dumbbells and a stepper will have you heading to the shower after your final cooling down and stretching session. Use imagination to create ‘your’ workouts. The beauty of cardio exercises at home is that the workouts can be truly ‘yours’, and not created for the masses. We are all individuals with different needs, likes, and goals.

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