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7 Coronavirus WordPress Plugins for Your Website

Coronavirus WordPress Plugins

Coronavirus has affected the entire planet. Unfortunately, it has also shaken up many ecommerce and personal blogging websites. The owners saw their traffic drop, as citizens of the world searched keywords such as coronavirus and COVID-19. That’s not surprising since the pandemic has hit more than 200 countries, making their healthcare systems reach a breaking point. 

Since many business owners allowed their workers to work from home, the focus shifted to the online world. As a business owner, you might want to think about how you can contribute to coronavirus prevention. Aside from sending out emails to your subscribers to let them know that you’re following all the preventative measures, you can also place a banner on your website to help raise awareness about the pandemic. To do so, you’ll need any of the following coronavirus banners. You can install them on your WordPress website with these free, open-source plugins. 

Cookie Notice by Digital Factory

In its essence, this is a cookie notice plugin for WordPress that helps you make your website compliant with GDPR and eprivacy. It’s a great plugin if your site has just gone live. It’s also free and open-source. When you download it and go to settings, you’ll see the option to enable the coronavirus banner. You can choose where you want your banner to be and what information it provides to your website’s visitors. The corona banner displays data about coronavirus pandemic and five steps recommended by the WHO to help flatten the curve.

Coronavirus Data

If you think that your visitors will benefit from receiving information about the latest coronavirus updates, you can opt for this WordPress plugin. It allows you to display the latest COVID-19 data regarding the entire world or a specific country on your web page. These are the shortcodes you can use:

  • [cov2019]: it shows basic global data or data per selected country;
  • [cov2019all]: displays data of all countries in a table;
  • [cov2019map]: it shows a map with information per country.

You can also show the number of confirmed cases, deaths, or recovered patients in a specific country, region, or worldwide. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptom Checker by Symptoma

This widget allows you to help your visitors determine if their health issues are related to coronavirus or some other illness. It’s a chatbot that’s super handy if you have a website or company related to healthcare since Symptoma helps with online diagnosis. With this plugin, you can integrate Symptoma into your WordPress website or blog for free.

Symptoma detects COVID-19 with more than 96% accuracy, and your visitors can use it to assess risks not just for coronavirus but for other diseases. The developers have based Symptoma on 14 years of research. They’ve also integrated millions of medical publications written by scientists and doctors. This online diagnosis tool has won more than 40 awards globally.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update Your Customers

This open-source plugin is a simple, yet easy way to create a badge that can be used to notify your customers, businesses, or suppliers of business updates about the COVID-19 pandemic. In just five simple steps, you can ensure you are updating your customers on what they need to know about your business and COVID-19.

Some of the features include:

 – Position the badge in four different places to fit your theme

 – Unique content for your business

 – Display a button leading to external information from a local authority

 – Select color and theme to suit your website

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice Message

This free WordPress plugin lets you display a coronavirus notice message on your website or any other optional web page, such as your blog post. It provides more information, and you can choose where you’ll display notifications—top, top static, bottom, bottom static, or inside your text using a shortcode. The plugin can be installed from the WordPress plugins section or downloaded and added directly from the desktop. You can use this plugin if you want to explain to your website visitors how you’re handling the coronavirus situation. 

Coronavirus Link for Websites

If you are in any way related to South Africa or you’re the owner of the domain, you should consider embedding this plugin. It’s specifically made for websites because African government regulations say that every .za website must have a home page link to the official Coronavirus South African Resource Portal.

This plugin allows you to add a link to your homepage or any other page of your WordPress site. Once implemented, users will see a small tab they can close if they want to. You can change its color, font, size, and position. It can also be embedded in websites that are not WordPress-powered.

COVID-19 Float Button

This is another free, open-source plugin that allows you to add a floating button to your website. The button links to a “read more” page meant for COVID-19 information, which you’ll create for yourself. In that way, your visitors can read more about how your business is handling the pandemic without leaving your website. You can configure the icons and colors, text, link, and position of the button, all from the admin panel. The floating button is simple and lightweight.


Being a business owner during the pandemic can be difficult. Luckily you can find a lot of free tools to help you notify your visitors of the newest updates on COVID-19 and the ways you’re dealing with it. Most of these WordPress plugins are free to download and open-source, ready to be installed, activated, and configured to fit your website design.

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