6 Minute Home Based Exercises For Burning Body Fat

Home Based Exercises

In this fast generation many of us do not time for hitting a gym and doing some workouts for toing your body. Even though Home Based exercises is necessary, many of us do not show interest because lack of knowledge about the correct workouts you need or not having a gym near you etc. Due to lack of awareness many follow some fast techniques like fat burning serums, medical procedures etc. They will have many side effects. One should understand that without hard work you don’t get standard results.

For doing exercises gym is only an option. There are many home based exercises which give the same results of a gym workouts. Now let’s see some best exercises for burning body fat without the use of a gym. For doing this workouts you don’t need any tools . All you need is some pleasant area where you can perform this exercises. Apart from doing workouts you should also follow a healthy diet chart.

Raising leg workout

To get rid of the lower abdominal fat this workout is very useful. This workouts helps efficiently in reducing the accumulated around the waist and hips. Lie down on the mat facing upward. Keep your hand beside your body. Now slowly raise your both legs up to 15 centimeters from the ground. Stay in that position as long as you can. Now slowly lower them to the ground. Take rest for 10 seconds and repeat the same. Do this for 60 seconds . After some days increase the height from the ground.

Sitting and bending forward workout

This exercise not only burns body fat burning but also for spinal cord. In this workout your spine stretched. It`s very good for spinal cord. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched. Now catch your feet with your hand without bending your legs. Stay in this position as long as you can and come back to relaxed position. Do this for 100 seconds.

Superman Exercise

This is an efficient exercise for your tummy, thighs and back. For doing this workout lie on the matt with your front body facing the ground. Stretch your hands and legs to the maximum. Now slowly lift both hands and legs simultaneously from the ground to the possible extent. You should be balancing on your stomach .stay in this position as long as you can and come the initial position for rest. Take 10 seconds rest and repeat the workout. Do this for 100 seconds.

Lying down cycling workout

This workout is very useful to burn fat mainly in the core area where generally fat accumulates. Lie on the floor with your back to the ground. Keep your hands under your head. Raise your legs and do mock cycling. Do this as long as you can and take rest for 10 seconds. Do this work out for 100 seconds.

Doing this power packed exercises for 6 minutes daily helps you burn fat rapidly. Taking rest for 10 seconds should not be counted in the workout. There may be many exercises for fat burning, these are some of the easy and at home workouts.

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