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6 Diabetes Symptoms You Shouldn’t Miss

Diabetes Symptoms

The Silent Killer. Diabetes. The same. About 24 million are affected by diabetes in US only. One quarter of them doesn’t even know they have diabetes. Majority of them (90%) have type 2 diabetes. The greatest obstacle on the road to diagnose diabetes is that the symptoms are so common and trivial that most of us won’t even bother to consult a doctor about it. And the truth is – a simple blood test will do the trick. Diabetes Symptoms

1. Increased Urination

Increased glucose levels in your blood may be the reason why you get up at night to urinate. Your kidneys kick in high gear to get rid of the excess glucose from the blood. The thing is, you have the same symptom if you have a simple infection or inflammation of the urinary system. Even common cold could cause frequent urination. That is why this symptom goes unnoticed by most.

2. Excessive Thirst

Usually goes hand in hand with increased urination. When you urinate frequently, you lose fluids. Thirst is the signal your body is giving you that it needs to replenish the lost fluids. Thirst by itself is nothing to fear from, especially during summer heat. It is so normal. Then again, combined with increased urination, it could be a sign that you have diabetes.

3. Excessive Hunger

Your body cells use sugar (glucose) as fuel. When they don’t have enough fuel to burn, they send signal that they need fuel. That signal translates as hunger. If you have diabetes, no matter how often or how much you eat, the cells in your body will not get their fuel. Once again, being hungry is nothing unusual. Even, being hungry all the time is sometimes interpreted as a sign of fast metabolism and healthy appetite.

4. Extreme Fatigue

Another symptom linked with the previous one. If your body lacks fuel, it will use its deep reserves to perform daily routine. But with limited reserves of fuel – fatigue kicks in. Everyday chores will become tiresome, simple tasks will seem to be over-taxing your body. Fatigue alone, shouldn’t worry you. But combined with other diabetes symptoms, should send you to do at least a common blood-work.

5. Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss is something that many desire. But in this case it is not a healthy weight loss. Sometimes people lose 10-20 pounds over a 2-3 months period. That’s because the insulin can’t get the glucose from the blood to your cells to be used as fuel. Then the Plan-B is activated: protein from the muscles is being broken and used as alternate fuel. At the same time, kidneys are working overtime to eliminate the excess of glucose in the blood, and that means you are burning more calories and losing more weight.

6. Tingling or numbness in the hands and feet / blurred vision

If blood sugar levels are left unchecked for too long, nerves could be damaged. Damaged nerves in the eyes may be causing blurry vision. Damaged nerves in your hands / feet may be causing tingling or numbness. If these diabetes symptoms are recent, that could be reversed. But if that has been going for too long, the damage is permanent.

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