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5 Fitness Myths to Avoid for Healthy Lifestyle


If you want to start working on your fitness and want to maintain a regular routine. Then these 5 myths will help you become fit and focus on a  healthy lifestyle and get you to achieving your ultimate healthy lifestyle goals:

Myth 1: Strength can turn fat into muscle

Nonsense. This cannot happen under any circumstances, as these are 2 completely different types of tissue, consisting of different cells. In the first case, these are white or brown adipocytes, in the second – skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscle cells. Moreover, it should be understood that, for example, exercises on the press will strengthen and slightly increase its volume, but excess fat will not go anywhere. Therefore, your appearance at first can become even worse. E.g., people who don’t know what is kush and believe that it will cause to fat to become permanent are also mistaken.

What to do? It takes time and patience. Go on a diet, simultaneously burn calories in running training (2 times a week), download the press and be sure to work out other major muscle groups using strength or high-intensity interval loads (2-3 times a week).

Engaging exclusively in the abdominal muscles is a thankless task. Of course, loading them, you kind of tells the body where in the first place you should get rid of unwanted fat stores. But, alas and ah, it will disappear according to an individual scheme, inherited and not amenable to change.

Myth 2: Excess fat will go away if you exercise by wrapping yourself in polyethylene

Adipose tissue does not break down when exposed to high temperatures. Sweat secretion is a protective function of the body that helps protect the body from overheating.

Water is also needed to maintain the elasticity of muscle fibres, the reproduction of bone and cartilage cells, and collagen of the intervertebral discs.

Myth 3: Strength exercises are only suitable for guys

Weight training and weight lifting do not have any “gender contraindication”. They are part of a weight loss training program. However, there are 2 nuances that you should know and remember:

  • Nulliparous must be careful with the selection of the maximum weight for exercises that load the muscles and fascia of the abdomen;
  • Naturally, a small production in women of the male sex hormone – testosterone, does not allow to quickly increase the volume of muscle mass and work out their reliefs.

Myth 4: Exercises with weight will turn you into a pitching

Let’s not dissemble, there is cause for concern, though it is small. Recent studies of the frequency of occurrence of psychological dependence and an irresistible desire to constantly swing – muscle dysmorphia (dysmorphophobia, bigorexia) occurs in 2.5% of men and 0.6% of women. However, to obtain such a “sore” you need decent weight weights. In addition, women should not be “afraid” of dumbbells. A significant increase in muscle mass is impossible without sports nutrition, and will require the introduction of testosterone or insulin.

Myth 5: The longer the physical activity, the more effective it is

This statement is by no means an axiom. It all depends on the type of training session and your well-being. To achieve the desired goal and not harm your health, follow standard recommendations. Plan your running workouts before breakfast. The maximum duration of cardio training is 60 minutes. Take the same time for strength training. For high-intensity interval loads, about 20 to 40 minutes are enough. Well, it’s better to work out muscles in the afternoon or in the evening.

And of course, if you feel unwell or have a painful condition, postpone your workout and put your health in order. A week or two of idleness, subject to the selected pattern of eating behavior, will not be able to completely nullify all previous efforts.

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