5 Amazing Home Staging Tips for Fast Sale

Summary – Read the interesting home staging tips that can facilitate a faster home sale and a reasonable price for your home. Pay attention to some fundamental aspects and turn the home sale deal in your favour.


A home sale cannot complete without home staging, and that is a complete project with varied small tasks. Your buyer is not going to leave any detail unnoticed, which means that you have to pay heed to every little thing.

Through some smart home staging tips, you can make your home look convincing.

1. Paint the house with a decent neutral colour

The colour preferences of buyers are different from your choice. Before you put the property on the list, paint your home with a neutral hue. May be your living room is painted with dark orange to reflect your love for colours, but buyers may not like that. Dark tone absorbs the light and makes space look darker and dull. The first impression is the last impression. Viewing a house with very dark and quirky shades may affect the perception of the beholder.

  • Light grey,
  • White/snowfall white
  • Off-white
  • Mauve neutral
  • Sky blue
  • Beige neutral
  • Stone Neutral
  • Charcoal Neutral etc.

Many more colours are there for the choice that may give your place an unbiased look. Also, neutral hues make the space look big and full of light.

2. Improve the floor

The floor is the base of the house, and if the base is not secure, you are not going to get any buyer. No matter how beautifully the house is decorated. People give importance to durability and not just the appearance. They are also going to put a lot of money in the home buying. They will ensure that everything is in good condition.

This is how you can improve your house flooring –

  • Re-waxed flooring can give a completely new look to the place.
  • Remove the stains
  • Replace the aged flooring with the new one
  • If the floors are fine, clean them thoroughly and make it better with carpet or rugs.
  • Do not cover the floor completely as it may give the visitors the feeling that you are trying to hide something.

3. Do not install new home appliances

If you are determined to sell your home soon, it is not wise to install any home appliance. The homebuyers may not like the setting and place you have chosen for it. They may not even need that.

  • Dishwasher
  • Home cinema
  • Laundry appliances
  • Cooking appliances
  • Freezers
  • Chimney
  • Ovens
  • Heaters
  • TV stands etc.

These are things that people want to install only on their wish, and they are precise about their decisions. If you install them at a place, according to your desire, the buyers find it a huge task to change the setting when they shift. For example – The location where you have installed the home cinema or TV stand may not match the choice of the buyer. The new owner of the home may have some other plans, and it can be challenging to remove the installing. It causes a loss to the walls and flooring.

4. Throw light on the best selling features of your home

No, you do not need to stand holding a torch and light to highlight a particular area in your home. It is about driving special attention on the parts of your home that add additional features to your property.

  • If there is a fireplace in your home, paint the area with a new neutral colour. You can also put furniture around it to increase the focus of the visitors.
  • If there is a small pool in the backyard, give it a makeover with new surroundings. For instance – a boundary of pebbles can make it look stunning.

5. Change the cabinet look of the kitchen

Oh, indeed, the kitchen is always a centre of attraction for families. They are among the most favourite places for people. Whether it is about eating together or cooking together with love, the homebuyers always give particular importance to the kitchen.

Cabinet appearance and quality is always a big concern of the property buyers, and they do not accept anything less than perfect. Either renovate your kitchen or remodel it with new cabinets.


All the above points can quickly increase the value of your home from 2% to 5%. To get a good return, it is necessary to invest a bit.

But home staging should not remain ignorant from the two critical factors –

  • Current trend and scenario – You need to take care of the current situations of the market. Just like nowadays, corona pandemic has made the property viewing difficult. Yes, it is allowed but with dos and don’ts of social distancing. Take care of the rules. Keep your place safe and sanitized.
  • Home staging should not disturb your personal finances – Do not invest a massive amount of money in home staging; you also need to take care of other financial goals. It is specifically crucial if you want to sell the home to buy a new property. You will need to qualify for a mortgage, and in case an unfortunate credit situation is there, caution is vital. Do not take any loan for renovation or improvement of the house. It can affect eligibility in the worst manner.

Income should be good to qualify with a low credit score. Get a guide on the complete process. A mortgage broker can easily direct you on how to get a mortgage with bad credit but good income. Already due to corona, the lending policies are stricter now.

Give the best possible home staging but with complete focus on your personal financial conditions. Balance on both sides is NECESSARY. Follow the rules, and you can sell your home faster.

Author’s note – Read 5 amazing tips on home staging to facilitate the faster home sale. Look at the critical elements that make your place wear a better appearance.

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