1337x Verified Torrent Sites for Downloading Movies | 1337x & 13377x Proxy List

1377x snd 13377xVerified Torrent Sites for Downloading Movies

1337X Torrent

A torrent file is a METAINFO file that contains metadata on files and folders for distribution. The actual content that you want to get is not on the file itself, but the torrent will show you information on how to download.

The 1337x.to page is the 3rd most visited torrent website in 2018. Since its launch in 2007, it has changed domains from .pl to .to. Read on if you want to learn all you need to know about 1337x, its content directory, and how to gain access to them. As a bonus, you can also find out about using VPN and the best ones in the market today.

To get you excited, let’s talk about what you can download from 1337x.

1337x and 1337x.to CONTENT DIRECTORY


This is by far the most popular category. People adore movies and want to keep a copy of their most loved films on their computers. 1337x.to has thousands of movies across different genres and languages. Its directory features both new films and classic ones.

TV shows

TV programs is another well-loved category. The directory is as large as that of the movies. 1337x.to allows for the download of files as large as an entire TV series or movies.


As is true for all the categories on this website, you can sort your options to show the most popular or the newest ones. New uploads are being added to this directory every day.


1337x.to also gives you access to all the latest music today as well as ones from way back.


The site is also a go-to for people who are searching for applications for their computers or mobile devices.


Documentaries may be your thing and though the site is yet to expand their content in this category, it may be worth your time to check if it has the film that you have in mind.


This category is for all the other content that does not fall into any of the categories mentioned above. It can include audiobooks or videos to training courses, among others.


1337x.to also caters to those who are into adult films.

How do you download from 1337x.to?

To be able to download from this site, you will need a BitTorrent client like uTorrent and a VPN.



This can be downloaded for free to your computer or your mobile phone. To get the version that shows no ads, you can get the paid version for $4.95 a year. The Pro version will give you security from all known threats and you pay $19.95 a year to get this. More so, you can get the Pro + VPN version for an additional cost.

When you have chosen your content from 1337x.to, click on it and choose the magnetic download option. Your uTorrent will then launch and will require you to choose the folder to which you want your content to go. The download will then begin.

The speed at which you can download files will depend on how large the file is, your internet connection speed as well as that of the server hosting your file.



Because torrent websites are banned anywhere in the world, there is a need to use a virtual private network (VPN) to be able to download from them. VPN hides your access details to these sites and provides you protection. There are both free and paid services for VPN.

Here is a list of some VPNs that you can consider before downloading from 1337x.to:

Free VPN

Free VPN

1. Hotspot Shield

All there is to do to use this VPN is to sign up to a free account, download their app, and then choose your device. From there, you can choose your location, and do anonymous browsing and downloading with no bandwidth limitations.

2. Open VPN

This is an open-source VPN that offers full anonymity and encryption for free. You are protected from spoofing and all types of cyberattacks.

3. VPN Book

This VPN also offers 100% anonymity as they promise not to record any login details. Their servers are in countries that do not have laws on data snooping and retention. They delete ISP logs weekly, and they have very strong encryption.

4. Tunnel Bear

This VPN provides you unrestricted virtual location. In this free version, though, private browsing is limited to 500 Mb.

5. Cyberghost

Cyberghost allows you to connect to 8 servers in 4 countries (USA, Netherlands, Romania, and Germany). They make a substantial revenue in their paid VPN service but still offer a free version through Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Paid VPN


paid vpn

1. Private Internet Access

This is a premium service that gives you full encryption and anonymity while overriding access restrictions imposed by ISPs. This VPN is known for its superior connection and high-security level.

2. Nord VPN

This helps you access websites like 1337x.to without censorship or any other restrictions. It provides military-grade protection and ensures that your browsing is completely anonymous and secure.

3. Express VPN

Like what the other two offers, this VPN also provides you the same thing.

Is Torrent Download Illegal – How to Protect Yourself

The act of downloading content is not necessarily illegal but if the content that you are trying to download through sites like 1337x.to is copyrighted, then it’s another story altogether. Prosecution cases against copyrighted torrent files are quite low but they do exist.

Although it’s the seeders or the people who provide content via torrent websites, that the law is after, it pays to protect yourself against copyright trolls and government agencies as well by using a VPN service. Spending money on paid services will protect you from people getting in the way of your torrent activities.


The demand for downloadable content through torrent websites is still going up so websites like 1337x.to are motivated to continually provide access to them. To continue accessing these sites, it pays to get a VPN service you can trust to avoid getting into a rather problematic situation with the authorities.

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