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10 Video SEO Tips To Improve Website Rankings

Video SEO Tips

When using videos, most companies will gain a lot of new customers as people love to watch short clips on the Internet; however, many business owners put up videos and do not get the desired results. Luckily, with these ten tips, one can see their video do well and their website rise in the organic rankings. Learn: Video SEO Tips

1. Focus on the client

All too often, a company will create a video and take the proper steps to rank it well. However, many forget to create something that customers will appreciate. When potential clients like a video, they are likely to view it more than once and share it with their friends. Furthermore, with a quality video, one can see their conversion rates skyrocket. Without a doubt, before anything else, one must make sure to create a video that the customer will enjoy and share with his or her friends. Simply put, with this advertising method, quality matters.

2. Bad social

Now, many will want to comment on the movie clip. When commenting, one may want to mention they enjoy the video or that they want to share it with friends. Speaking of sharing, a company must put Facebook and Twitter links at the bottom of the screen so visitors can share it with their friends. When website visitors link to the video, they will help the SEO efforts as search engines value them when determining organic rankings. Fortunately, an inexperienced person can, with ease, add social links. Without a doubt, this is a crucial step that one must not ignore as clients will love it when a website owner communicates with customers.

3. Keyword research

When creating website content, a serious business owner will perform keywords research. Now, many think that this is unnecessary for a video. Nothing could be further from the truth as one must also perform keyword research if they want see results. When using the right buzz words, one will see their video, and their website, rise to the top. Without a doubt, most overlook this as they feel it is an unnecessary step. Fortunately, a savvy business owner can take advantage of this by doing copious amounts of research before creating the video.

4. Script

Most people do not know how to create a professional video. This is okay since a layperson can take a few steps to appear professional. One way to impress customers and search engines is to write a script and upload a transcript. With this step, one can remember to mention the main phrase early and often. With a solid and well-written script, one can watch as their video and Web page rise to the top of Google.

5. YouTube

when hosting a video, one should use the most reliable and trustworthy hosting website. Without a doubt, YouTube is the best choice for a small business owner who wants their video to gain viewers. With the site receiving millions of visitors a day, it is a no-brainer that a business owner must upload his or her videos to YouTube.

6. Site Map

Most people understand how to create Video Site Map for their website. To get started, one should head to Google Webmaster Tools and look at their tutorial on creating a Video Site Map. Then, a website owner must create and upload the Video Site Map. Since most website owners do not do this, it is an easy step to take when a person wants to get ahead of the competition.

7. Links

When creating a video, most people forget to build links to their video. To gain valuable backlinks, a business owner should post their video on Facebook, Twitter and other people’s blogs. With a few backlinks from quality websites, one can see their videos rise in the rankings. Remember, just like with a website, one must get links from a variety of quality sources.

8. Keywords in post

Now, when creating the video, one must post a short description. In this description, a business owner must make sure to use the keywords related to the video. When using the right words, one can see their page rise to the top of the leading search engines. Now, to take it further, one should aim for the same keyword density as a website. Remember, search engines crawl the keywords of a video and will rank it based on this factor.

9. Length matters

Now, most people create a 30 second video clip and expect it to jump to the top of the search engines. While this is possible, a serious business owner must create a longer video that customers will enjoy. Ideally, a video should be a few minutes long as the search engines will have more data and keywords to crawl. Of course, this will depend on the product or service that the company sells. Remember, just like with content on a webpage, one should have plenty of information in a video.

10. Social bookmarking

When making a social bookmark, one will gain a link, and gain visitors who click on those links. Not only that, with a social bookmark post, one can rise in the SEO ranks. Fortunately, a website owner can post to dozens of available websites where he or she will gain a valuable link. Sadly, most people overlook this and do not see their videos rise to the top. For a savvy and hardworking business owner, this presents an opportunity to rise above the competition without much effort. Remember, most overlook social bookmarking as a way to gain visitors to their site, and this is a serious mistake.

With these 10 tips, one can see their videos rise to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Fortunately, the average person should not have difficulty in following these ideas. Remember, when creating value and impressing the customers, one will see their video gain plenty of traffic.

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