Well, nothing is enough to try the Pikachu with bad milk in the game. We tell you in Guilty all about the skills of Wrecking Ball in Overwatch. The new playable character of the wonderful Blizzard title is finally here. No, not from WoW, I said ‘wonderful title’. I meanRatatoing Hammond , the rodent with […]

Pokémon GO Radar Trick

Pokémon GO has not been an example of efficiency lately (or ever). Niantic has thrown third-party applications that made life easier for us and their own tools do not work well at all . The old system to find pokémons with the radar did not work well at all, and the developers decided to eliminate […]

How to move Fast in No Man’s Sky?

No Man’s Sky is already among us, and while it has not yet reached PC, if it is available on Playstation 4. What may be the most anticipated Indie of recent years , is not leaving anyone indifferent, either to good or bad. The surprise of much and the disappointment of many others, the title is giving much […]

No Man’s Sky Tips

No Man’s Sky is already among us and if something we can not deny is that it has not left anyone indifferent . From love to hate, the title is going through all kinds of praise or insults. The hype train, which is what it has. Of course, the community that is being created is devastating, and quickly they are […]

Clash Royale Tricks without spending money

We all agree that Clash Royale, the latest game of Supercell (Creators of Boom Beach and Clash of Clans, games with which it shares the universe) is a real vice, but unfortunately following the line of supercell micropayments help us improve much more quickly, and we end up going through the box. Here are some tips […]

Super Mario Run Tricks

Super Mario Run takes a few days available for iOS users, causing fury among some and anger among others for the price to pay to unlock all its content. The new Nintendo game is fun and has entertainment for a while, but is it worth it to pay for it? We answer that question. Tips […]

Geometry Dash Levels Trick

We all know the great and addictive Geometry Dash, but surely you have frustrated yourself more than once trying to overcome some of its numerous and intricate levels. It is a really difficult game especially at the most advanced levels, however, with the tricks that we give you below (and some determination and patience, of course) will […]

God of War Collectibles

Location of All God of War Collectibles We show you on video the location of the God of War collectibles. Objects, crows, artifacts … nothing escapes our Kratos. As in every game in the series, God of War on PlayStation 4 also has its hidden objects. Being a video game bigger than its PlayStation 2, […]

God of War Treasure Maps

Location of the God of War Treasure Maps and Their Solution Can not find all the God of War treasure maps? In the following video you will discover its location and also the solution. After showing the location of all collectibles , the thing does not end. In God of War we can find treasure […]